About Arthur A. Oliver & Son

We are a family owned and operated furniture supply company which has been in business for nearly a century and spans across 4 generations. Founded in 1924 by Arthur A. Oliver, with nothing but a catalog and a truck, our business has grown to serve hundreds of customers across the United States and the world. With only about 3% of family businesses transitioning into the 4th generation, we are excited to continue our heritage of excellence for many years to come.

As a supplier to furniture manufacturers and more, we take pride in offering a distinguished level of customer service to all of our customers no matter how big or how small. With product offerings such as fiber and custom fiber fabrication, thread, webbing, buttons, tools, and more, we are certain that you will find your upholstering and furniture manufacturing needs with us.


In 1924, Arthur A. Oliver set out to provide manufacturing supplies to the great influx of furniture makers across the High Point, NC area. It was humble beginnings with Arthur running the business out of his truck going door to door. Then the great depression hit. Arthur had to slim down, selling his house and other valuables to keep the business afloat.

In the late 1940's, Arthur's son Alfred Oliver took over as president after he returned from World War II. Alfred helped expand the business throughout the 1950's and 1960's into industries we are still known for today such as cutting, sewing, and upholstery supplies. In addition to moving into a building in High Point (which we still operate out of today), AA Oliver & Son expanded into a building located in Hickory, NC. Today, AA Oliver & Son still maintains a strong presence in the Hickory market, operating out of our Conover, NC location.

Alfred's wife, Lee K. Oliver, took over as president after Alfred passed away in 1968. This change of leadership came at a time of great dissidence towards female leaders, especially in the furniture and upholstery industries. Many employees, customers, and suppliers walked out or refused to do business with AA Oliver & Son during this time but this did not deter Lee. Lee, with two young boys and only having the knowledge that Alfred supplied to her when he came home from work, set outgrow and further expand the business. She was extremely successful. Carving a seat out at the table where executives from other firms would gather, she made her voice heard and got business done.

For 25 years Lee served as president until her son, Michael Oliver, took over as current president in 2000 continuing the family business for the 3rd generation. The following years did not come easy as the furniture industry and economy as a whole witnessed a massive outsourcing movement. Even still, we are still in business today and providing to the needs of our industry better than ever before. Today we do business with large manufacturers providing custom fabrication and premier supplies wherever possible. We also provide our own logistics and shipping to customers in the surrounding areas creating a superior customer service network that is unmatched by other competitors. In addition to our larger volume sales, we also strive to provide the same customer satisfaction to the smaller, local manufacturers which have beginnings just like AA Oliver & Son.

Looking ahead to the future of AA Oliver & Son, we will most certainly be upholding our record of excellence with the addition of a 4th generation member. Austin Oliver, who is a recent college graduate, is eager to promote the growth in our business and industry. With roughly 12% of family-owned business remaining viable into the 3rd generation, we are proud to report that our company is apart of the 3% of businesses that remain operable into the 4th generation. AA Oliver & Son looks forward to what the future holds and the growth that is undoubtedly to come.